CHSH-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc.
Our Mission
CSHS/Palmer Alumni Association fosters fellowship and camaraderie among graduates and attendees. We promote community interest and the participation of alumni in school activities. We seek to preserve the history, ideals and traditions of the school.

Operating Year: January - December 2021

Board of Directors
President: Ron Elstun
Vice President: Sheila Candelario Stone
Secretary: Kim Weaver Weber
Treasurer: Cindy Brown Tumbleson
Director: Holly Morin
Director: Ruth Davis Pedrie
Director - Membership: Holly Morin
Director - Reunions: Diane Grey Downs
Past President: Robin Hammitt
Committee Chairs
Hospitality Chair: Nancy Scott Manley
Memorabilia Chair: Kim Weaver Weber
Newsletter Editor: Sheila Candelario Stone
Program Chair: Michelle Hankey Elstun
Website Chair: Cindy Brown Tumbleson
CSHS-Palmer Alumni Association, P.O. Box 2230, Colorado Springs, CO 80901-2230