CHSH-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc.
CSHS-Palmer Alumni Association
20201 Scholarships
The CSHS-Palmer Alumni Association has scholarships in the following amounts:
$1,000.00 CSHS-Palmer Alumni Scholarship
$1,000.00 CSHS-Palmer Alumni Scholarship
$1,000.00 CSHS-Palmer Alumni Scholarship
$500.00 Bob Isaac Scholarship
$2,000.00 Karen Whitney Gilbert Memorial Scholarship
Criteria for all scholarships:
Students must be a graduating senior who has attended Palmer High School for their full junior and senior years.
Criteria for Karen Whitney Gilbert scholarship: A female senior at Palmer High School with at least a 3.0 GPA who is going to college following graduation. The Gilbert family would like the applicants to possibly have "given back" to the school and the community through behind-the-scenes volunteer work for theater productions and time helping with programs and services for the elderly in local facilities. A positive attitude and sense of humor typified Karen and will be a consideration. Financial need is a secondary (tie-breaking) factor. Service to the community is the primary criterion.
Students must submit a one-sided typed page statement along with their transcript. Submit a compelling argument that addresses the reason that the student is deserving of this scholarship. This might be a resume or an essay format.
Please include in your one-sided typed statement the following:
Name and complete address (include city, state and zip code)
The statement may include, but is not limited to the following:
   • A statement of financial aid.
   • Evidence of community service.
   • Work experience and leadership experience.
   • Family situation, in regards to college and grade/achievement.
   • Identify if the college/university you are planning to attend is a vocational, a 2 year or
          a 4-year college or university.
Mr. Yepez in the counseling center.
(March 17, 2021 Policy Revision.  This policy will be reviewed annually.)