CHSH-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc.
ELIGIBILITY: Any GRADUATE of C.S.H.S./Palmer High School who has attained prominence in any field of endeavor and who has made outstanding contributions to society is eligible for nomination into the Alumni HOF. On May l5, 2004, the BOD unanimously approved a motion that states “Induction into the C.S.H.S./Palmer Alumni Hall of Fame is restricted to graduates. Others worthy of recognition will be honored by other methods.” Only three “Honorary” HOF inductions have been made and no others will be considered.
NOMINATION: Any individual who has knowledge of the graduate’s accomplishments may nominate the graduate to be considered and will be referred to as the “Nominator”. Typically, a nominator is a relative, classmate, co-worker, or friend; someone who truly knows of their achievements and can obtain and assemble the supporting materials as requested.
NOMINATION PACKAGE: The following documentation needs to be present where applicable. The HOF Selection Committee does not have the time or resources to research missing information. The nomination must stand on its own, with the information within. Key information for the nominee, such as name and maiden name, year of graduation, current mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address if available is vital. The same identification information is required from the nominator, except for graduation date.  A nominee’s chances of becoming a HOF honoree go up dramatically when a complete, well documented nomination is received:  
*The nominator should write a nomination letter, providing an overview or synopsis of the nominee’s education, background and achievements. That letter should include names and details about any special honors and awards the graduate has been presented. The letter of nomination is a snapshot of the whole person and what makes them outstanding.
*A resume helps with the evaluation process because the HOF Selection Committee is looking for many of the same things that employers look for. Resumes help determine who the top nominees are.
*Letters of recommendation from colleagues and those in positions of authority can also reinforce the nomination.
*Newspaper articles that document achievements or service to the community or the nation.
*Copies of articles authored by or about the nominee in his/her field of endeavor, where applicable.
*Copies of awards, commendations and certificates of achievement or appreciation.
*Additional supporting materials such as online links, samples of works performed, etc., may also be considered.
NOTE: On May 15, 2004, the BOD unanimously approved a time frame for when HOF nominations can be submitted. Nomination packages will only be accepted from Jan 2 through May 3l annually. Nominations will no longer be held beyond the year submitted. Nominations of those not selected, will be returned to the Nominator for update and for consideration of resubmission for the following year, if desired.
Mail completed nominations to be delivered by May 31, 2019 to:
CSHS-Palmer Alumni Association, Inc.
Attn: HOF Chair
P.O. Box 2230
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80901-2230
To deliver a nomination submission in person no later than May 31, 2019 contact Ron Elstun,